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Julien Elementary School

1924 East Canal Drive

Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 667-0891

(209) 668-3782 (FAX)

Julien Staff


Contact Jenny Henderson  Jenny Henderson Principal
Contact Leisa Machado  Leisa Machado Interim Assistant Principal


Contact Cynthia Arrigotti  Cynthia Arrigotti 2nd Grade
Contact Whitney Arriola  Whitney Arriola 3rd Grade
Contact Mindi Barnes  Mindi Barnes Kindergarten
Contact Bodie Bloxham  Bodie Bloxham 6th Grade
Contact Stephanie Boesch  Stephanie Boesch 1st Grade
Contact Megan Bruce  Megan Bruce Teacher - SDC
Contact Karen Chamberlain  Karen Chamberlain SDC Mod/Severe
Contact Julia Chea  Julia Chea 3rd Grade
Contact Monica Danbom  Monica Danbom 5th Grade GATE
Contact Heather Davis  Heather Davis 1st Grade
Contact Chriss Ellberg  Chriss Ellberg 1st Grade
Contact Susan Flores  Susan Flores 4th Grade
Contact Paul Hazelton  Paul Hazelton 4th Grade
Contact Kathy Howell  Kathy Howell SDC Mod/Severe
Contact Dan Ijams  Dan Ijams Music/Classroom/Choir
Contact David Judish  David Judish 1st Grade POD
Contact Jill Kline  Jill Kline Kindergarten POD
Contact Stacie Macias  Stacie Macias 6th Grade
Contact Erin Ottersbach  Erin Ottersbach 4th Grade
Contact Wendy Payne  Wendy Payne 6th Grade GATE
Contact Allisan Rogers  Allisan Rogers Kindergarten
Contact Katherine Sciortino  Katherine Sciortino 3rd Grade
Contact Jane Serpa  Jane Serpa 3rd Grade POD
Contact Kim Smith  Kim Smith 2nd Grade POD
Contact Jaime Tovar  Jaime Tovar 6th Grade
Contact Joe Tovar  Joe Tovar Music/Orchestra
Contact Nikole Tovar  Nikole Tovar 3rd Grade
Contact Brenda Trantham  Brenda Trantham 2nd Grade
Contact Jill Valgos  Jill Valgos 5th Grade
Contact Olga Weddle  Olga Weddle Music/Band
Contact Janet Wheeler  Janet Wheeler 2nd Grade
Contact Tracy Williamson  Tracy Williamson 4th Grade GATE
Contact Jennifer Wright  Jennifer Wright Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Mimi Yi  Mimi Yi Kindergarten


Contact Crystal Alvarez  Crystal Alvarez Para-professional
Contact Pat Aydenian  Pat Aydenian Para-professional
Contact Elizabeth Banuelos  Elizabeth Banuelos LVN
Contact Peggy Carmo  Peggy Carmo Librarian
Contact Yeni Ceballos  Yeni Ceballos Campus Supervisor
Contact Michelle Envia  Michelle Envia Attendance Secretary
Contact Janet Fant  Janet Fant Registered Nurse
Contact Maria Gaitan  Maria Gaitan Para-professional
Contact Eugenie Heald  Eugenie Heald Campus Supervisor
Contact Shellie Hibdon  Shellie Hibdon Campus Supervisor
Contact Kris Leung  Kris Leung Administrative Secretary
Contact Tina Lindo  Tina Lindo Secretary
Contact Courtney Lira  Courtney Lira Para-professional
Contact Jorget Manafi  Jorget Manafi Para-professional
Contact Marlene Naranjo  Marlene Naranjo Campus Supervisor
Contact Marie Padilla  Marie Padilla Para-professional
Contact Judy Payne  Judy Payne Health Tech
Contact Tracy Rodriguez  Tracy Rodriguez Para-professional
Contact Catrina Sanford  Catrina Sanford Speech and Language Pathologist


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.